I <3 Bubba & Other News

I've been busy with my furchildren the past few days...I have two chihuahuas, Luna and Lily, and they both went in to the vet last Friday.  Luna had a dental cleaning, and Lily had her spay surgery. 😦   Also on Friday, I received a call back from my endocrinologist regarding my thyroid nodule biopsy:… Continue reading I ❤ Bubba & Other News


Post-Appointment Update

I had the intention of posting an update about my appointment yesterday, but by the time I got home, my neck hurt, my head hurt, and I was tired and hungry.  I ended up getting my thyroid nodule biopsied again yesterday. 😣 The endocrinologist convinced me to do it because, "There's a 1-2% chance that… Continue reading Post-Appointment Update

I’m a Professional Sick Person

Being unwell, for one reason or another, on a daily basis is honestly a full-time job.  One with a lot of overtime, little time off, and hardly any benefits. I spend my days trying to manage all of my conditions just well enough to get by.  Just well enough to be able to take care… Continue reading I’m a Professional Sick Person


New experience of the day: sudden, uncontrollable projectile vomiting of unknown cause! There was no warning of any kind (no nausea, no stomach discomfort). It was after eating one of my "safe" meals for lunch - a gluten-free, peanut free frozen meal by Amy's. It was unfortunate that it happened to feature palak paneer (regurgitated… Continue reading 1/17/17