4/26/17 – Endocrinology Appointment

I was supposed to take the trash out today, but by the time I was able to wake up enough, hydrate enough, run to the restroom constantly, get my compression socks on and get dressed, I missed the truck.  I suppose it can just wait til next week. 

I’m exhausted and have a headache…again.  An annoying headache, behind and above my right eye.  It’s been there, intermittently, over the past few days except for yesterday (it was completely gone yesterday for some reason). And now it’s back. Dull and constant as opposed to acute and throbbing as it was all the other days.  It seemed to come on whenever my blood pressure changed (bending down, Valsalva maneuver, etc.).  Now, just constant.

In a couple of hours I’ll be on my way downtown to an endocrinology appointment and I’m more concerned about conserving what little energy I have preparing for that, than the trash. 

Two years ago, I became aware of a feeling of fullness/a lump in my throat when swallowing.  At that time, I had a lot of undiagnosed things going on, and I was becoming quite scared.  After a lot of research, test interpretation, and considering my family history, I decided there was a very real possibility that I had a thyroid tumor.  I had a lot of “vague, nonspecific symptoms” that could be attributable to a faulty thyroid, my TSH levels were all over the place, and my maternal grandmother died of thyroid cancer at the age of  43.  

After bugging my primary care doctor enough about it, she finally agreed to do an ultrasound on the area, which revealed a “nodule”.  She then referred me to an endocrinologist, who took a biopsy of the nodule via fine needle aspiration (very uncomfortable and extremely nerve-wracking for someone with a needle phobia, by the way).  The biopsy came back benign, and they said my thyroid was all good.  A scope down my throat at an ENT doctor’s office revealed the feeling in my throat was caused by silent reflux.  The endocrinologist recommended keeping an eye on the nodule for any changes every two years. 

Exactly one week ago, I had a new ultrasound, and my nodule was found to be “slightly larger”.  My primary care doctor consulted endocrinology, and they wanted to see me back in office about it.  I really hope they don’t want to take another biopsy.  It was quite painful and, from what I’ve read, of little benefit a second time. :/  Hopefully all goes well!

My mom usually drives me to such appointments, as driving far and in such high traffic areas has always made me nervous, but even more so since POTS came into the equation.  (Brain fog, lightheadedness, headaches, etc. and driving do not mix well.)  However, my mom injured her Achilles’ tendon in her ankle quite badly, and can hardly walk today.  She can’t really pinpoint how it happened, but I have suspected that we have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type for a long time now, and that explains everything!  Anyway, so my stepdad is going to drive me instead. 🙂


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