Post-Appointment Update

I had the intention of posting an update about my appointment yesterday, but by the time I got home, my neck hurt, my head hurt, and I was tired and hungry. 

I ended up getting my thyroid nodule biopsied again yesterday. 😣 The endocrinologist convinced me to do it because, “There’s a 1-2% chance that we missed some bad cells on the last biopsy from two years ago.  And, if the result is benign a second time, we can be 100% certain that it is a benign nodule, and we won’t have to do it ever again.”  “Never again” sounded pretty good to me so, I figured I’d just get it over with…well, after a bit of stalling by asking him questions. 

I asked him if there was any reason that he could see, from an endocrinology standpoint, why I feel so fatigued all the time.  I told him that over the past couple years, I know that we’ve tested my thryroid and adrenal function, as well as my parathyroid (because I appeared to have hypercalcemia on multiple test results), and  all came back okay.  I explained that since I last saw him, I had been diagnosed by a cardiologist with POTS syndrome, and so it’s possible that my fatigue is just caused by that, but that I just wanted to ask his opinion to be sure.  He looked through all of my past test results and confirmed that, as far as he could tell, my endocrine system looked to be functioning properly.  I thanked him, and we proceeded to another room to go ahead with the biopsy.

I laid down on a little bed in a dark ultrasound room, as the doctor looked at the nodule on a screen.  I asked him what the nodule is made of, solid, fluid, etc. because I had read about there being different types.  He showed me on the ultrasound that mine was solid but had some fluid pockets (…weird and gross).  Then he did the poking part.  Four fine needle aspirations from four different spots of the nodule.  It’s a very strange feeling, with certain vulnerability, having your neck, and all its important contents, at the complete mercy of a person weilding a sharp object – an object that will be pressed into your throat, and suck bits out of it. Ew. *shudders* 😖 But I was happy to think that this would be, most likely, the last time. 

Afterwards, the doctor asked me a bit about POTS, with a genuine curiosity.  He asked if the salt pills I take help me and about my water intake, and family, etc.  Somehow I mentioned that it’s commonly found in people with hypermobility, and I provided a quick demonstration with my hands and arms.  He and the nurse were amazed and then he joked, “I’m pretty flexible too!  Watch.”  And he tried to touch his toes, straining, and coming up several inches short!  Laughs all around, he said he’d let me know the results in a few days, and then I was sent on my merry way. 

Selfieeee. Such a tiny little bandaid for something as hardcore as it felt!

When I finally arrived home around 5:30 or so, I had a sore neck and a headache behind/above my left eye.  I was tired and hungry.  I drank a bunch of water, snacked on some salty pumpkin seeds, and took some pain meds.  The pain meds helped the neck pain, but not the headache, which only got worse.  

My husband arrived home from work, and we took our chihuahua puppies with us to visit his parents who live nearby.  The puppies ran around their spacious backyard, we visited with his brothers and nieces who happened to be there as well, and his mom fed us dinner.  I am always soooo grateful and relieved when I don’t have to worry about figuring out dinner!  

As my headache continued to get worse, I decided I deserved a little after dinner treat to feel better (husband had already scarfed down three donuts at his parents’ house).  I convinced him to run into the nearby grocery store to grab me a butter pecan Haagen-Dazs – my favorite gluten free indulgence.  Being the wonderful guy he is, he didn’t take much convincing.  BUT they were all out of butter pecan!!!  He got what he thought was a suitable substitute, ‘Bourbon Pecan Praline’…which is NOT gluten free!!!  Ah, first world problems.  So sad. *whine whine whine* 😢


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