I <3 Bubba & Other News

I've been busy with my furchildren the past few days...I have two chihuahuas, Luna and Lily, and they both went in to the vet last Friday.  Luna had a dental cleaning, and Lily had her spay surgery. 😦   Also on Friday, I received a call back from my endocrinologist regarding my thyroid nodule biopsy:… Continue reading I ❤ Bubba & Other News


4/26/17 – Endocrinology Appointment

I was supposed to take the trash out today, but by the time I was able to wake up enough, hydrate enough, run to the restroom constantly, get my compression socks on and get dressed, I missed the truck.  I suppose it can just wait til next week.  I'm exhausted and have a headache...again.  An… Continue reading 4/26/17 – Endocrinology Appointment